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Secret Lair - Secret Lair x FORTNITE Foil Edition

Secret Lair - Secret Lair x FORTNITE Foil Edition

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Ready up for a new Duos match-Secret Lair is teaming up with Fortnite!

The first drop contains seven exciting cards reskinned with Fortnite’s unique brand of multiplayer mayhem. Add spells like Supply Llama, Shrinking Storm, and Battle Bus to your deck or collection to guarantee a #1 Victory Royale-but don’t forget to thank the Bus Driver!

© 2022 Epic Games, Inc. Fortnite and its logo are trademarks of Epic Games, Inc. in the USA (Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off.) and elsewhere.

1x Foil Wrath of God as “Shrinking Storm”
1x Foil Dance of Many as “Dance Battle”
1x Foil Etherium Sculptor as “Supply Llama”
1x Foil Grim Tutor as “Crack the Vault”
1x Foil Triumph of the Hordes as “Battle Royale”
1x Foil Smuggler’s Copter as “Battle Bus”
1x Foil Planar Bridge as “The Cube”

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