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Mystery Booster Pack - Convention Edition (2021 Version)

Mystery Booster Pack - Convention Edition (2021 Version)

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The 2021 re-release of the convention version of the Mystery Booster.

Changes from the previous version:

1. Two of the R&D Playtest cards feature new artwork: Soulmates & Yawgmoth's Testament.

2. The following cards have been removed:Anger of the GodsApproach of the Second SunDesert TwisterDictate of HeliodDismemberEssence WardenFade into AntiquityForgotten CaveFrogmiteGiant GrowthKird ApeMoonglove ExtractMother of RunesNature's LoreNew HorizonsNyx-Fleece RamPollenbright WingsRage ReflectionRevenantRhystic StudySeal of CleansingSeal of StrengthStalking TigerSwords to Plowshares

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